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THE BATTLE FOR THOR’S CLIFF is the board game debut of Timo Zett, a graphic designer from Hamburg, Germany. With the help of a team of more than 20 people he developed and designed Thor’s Cliff. Following the successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2021 the first edition print run of 1,000 copies was produced by LUDOFACT in Bavaria. The first edition of the miniatures designed by Tim Wehrmann is limited to 300 sets and was printed by RAGNARR_TV in Magedeburg, Germany. Other key members of the Thor’s Cliff Team are: the organisational talent BENEDICT SCHÖPPL and RICHARD “MELLON” KRAUSE.

Im Februar 2024 wurde außerdem die Erweiterung THORS KLIFF 2 erfolgreich über Kickstarter finanziert. Die Erweiterung erscheint voraussichtlich im März 2025.

If you want a peak behind the scenes of game development – from first idea to production – have a listen to the German language AUDIOFÜHL-Podcast „Making Thors Kliff“.

JAN-HENDRIK RÖCKELMANN helped lay the ground work for Thor’s Cliff. The prototype miniatures were printed by CHRISTIAN SCHOTT. The prototype game boards were milled with help from MARION JUNGE at WELCOME WERKSTATT in Hamburg, Germany. ALEXANDER JUNG advised on design topics. JONATHAN WOLTERS, ALEXANDER SCHÖPPL, MICHAEL HORNAUER and ZYUNZO GARCIA OGURI composed and recorded the Thors-Kliff-Soundtrack . Thanks to KARSTEN BÖTTCHER for the mastering and to LEROY JÖNSSON for mixing support.

The videos for the first Kickstarter campaign were developed and produced in collaboration with Jonas Nellissen. ULIA KEMP, JIRKA ZETT, NICK PHANEUF and LASSE CARLSSON recorded the voiceovers. The animations were provided by ROUVEN KELLERMANN and LINO THAESLER.

The German language rules were edited by PEER LAGERPUSCH and CHRISTIAN HENNIGS. The WEBSITE was set up by STEFAN VOGT, the PATREON site in collaboration with FRIEDERIKE ELLERBROCK. The Table Top Simulator was programmed by PAWEL MAZUR.